Canada Skilled Worker Immigration

One of the major aims of Canadian immigration is to welcome skilled newcomers that will contribute to Canada’s growing economy. Skilled employees who settle in Canada on a permanent foundation are especially beneficial to Canada’s economy and the power of its workforce.

As a skilled worker or professional, you have many options to consider. For example, you might be eligible to apply under Canada’s Federal Skilled Worker Class or, even if your planned destination is in Quebec, the Quebec Skilled Worker Program may be the pathway for you and your loved ones, if applicable. Moreover, if you understand where state or territory you want to reside, you could have the ability to submit an application through one of those Provincial Nominee Programs. Below, you will discover a listing of these programs that you explore. We also encourage one to begin your free assessment.

Canada Immigration Visa

Federal Skilled Worker: This program is for individuals with particular work experience who intend to reside in any province or territory outside the state of Quebec.

Quebec Skilled Worker: Applicants who intend to immigrate into the province of Quebec may be qualified to submit an application through this program.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs): Most states and territories have created their own skilled worker programs for those intending to reside and work in their particular state or land. All these are fast-track Canadian immigration programs that enable candidates to get a provincial nomination certification. Typically, a nomination certificate allows applicants to immigrate more rapidly than through other Canadian immigration programs.

Many Canadian companies are actively seeking foreign skilled employees to join their work as quickly as possible. If you can procure a job offer from a Canadian company, you may also qualify for fast-track Canadian immigration application processing.

For more information you need to read  Canada Immigration Visa guidelines to get proper information about the process.